Post-Art to Anacortes is a participatory mail art project based in Anacortes, WA. Created and managed by Zack Wight.

A Short History

Post-Art to Anacortes was first started in April 2018 with the following announcement:

"We think Anacortes is pretty great and created the Post-Art to Anacortes Project to share how our town inspires you!

Pick up a free card and draw a doodle, compose a couplet, create a collage, paint a picture, script a song, or write a word (or two). When you’re done, bring it back to the location you picked it up, or put a stamp on it and pop it into a mailbox! If you’ve gotten really creative, put it in a larger envelope for protection!"

Free 4x6 postcards with blank faces were available for pickup at many local businesses for participants to pickup and send back in. They were then shared on social media and several displays in town including the Anacortes City Hall Council Chamber for 6 months.

It is currently continuing~

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