September ushering in fall and new postcards!

September is ushering in fall and the start of new postcards coming in! Take a look at the latest. Please note that social media posting of cards will be delayed do to a technical glitch. Postcards will still be posted on the website.

We had cards at the Anacortes Arts Festival this year. I heard that it was an excellent year for the booth artisans and the fine art show! A wonderful turnout for Art in Anacortes.

The next couple months will be devoted to getting cards out to more places and other organization and changes to the website to make finding those places and information easier. For current pickup/drop-off locations please see the participate page. 

Also head over to the contact section and sign up for the newsletter. Eventually we'll send a periodic email with selections of new cards and other information about the development of the project and other info about any displays, or other participation opportunities.

Again I want to thank you for participating and sharing your time and energy with Post-Art to Anacortes. The project means a lot to me and I've heard the same from many participants and people following along.

Whether the project inspires you to participate, make more art in other aspects of your life or simply makes your day a little bit better - please share and always feel free to contact with any questions or suggestions.


~Zack Wight

Arts festival weekend!

Look out at the Anacortes Arts Festival this weekend for new postcards to pickup.

Hint - At the 5th St. info booth!

They will be in stores to pickup as well once we go around and talk with them.

For now the only way to return them is through the post or at How It Works here in Anacortes. M-F 9-5. 1014 4th St.

Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful art you make!

Welcome to the site!

Here we go! All the Post-Art previously received will be going up in the next week or so. I think all the kinks are ironed out for putting them up, but if you see anything weird anywhere on the site let us know! 

There are then some never before seen that will be going up on the site and social media! Cards will be going out to participating businesses and there'll be a page of locations once that starts. In the meantime - send in any cards that you still have or create something custom! See the participate page for more info.

The appearance of the site is a work in progress and may change from time to time.

Thank you to everyone who participated in years past and I hope we can bring a little more light into the world at a dark time with the continuation! And remember to sign up for the newsletter to hear about Post-Art to Anacortes News!

Zack Wight

Post-Art to Anacortes